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I can do that, but I hate to. Then it won't clean out what it needs to from this area I presume.

That's your choice - there isn't a half-way house! You use the word 'need' - there's nothing that needs to be cleaned ... i.e. nothing that will hurt your computer if you leave it there.


Unfortunately I can't tell you explicitly what other items are not cleared when you uncheck this, in order to assist your choice; maybe another forum member can.


Although to be honest I can't for the life of me think what other junk Excel could leave behind to clear up ... recent docs might be the only thing!

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Which version of Excel are you using? It is possible to preserve the Office recent docs while cleaning the remaining junk. Although it isnt much. Mostly registry items and a couple small files.


See posts 8 and 9 here



The file paths in post #9 are the same for Office 2003 & 2007.


For reference here are the Excel registry keys you can add to the exclude list in CC. Choose your version below.


Excel 2003 registry exclude key



Excel 2007 registry exclude key




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