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Ccleaner won't open.....


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(I have Win98se, OE 6.0, IE 6.0, Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III)


Hello, I have 2 questions please? Thanks!


(1) Would you know why the CCleaner icon on my desktop won't open when I double click? Also when I right click, it lets me open the "Properties", and the "QuickView" but not the "Open". In the "QuickView" it says it works with Win95 and TN, so since I have Win98 could THIS be the reason? I tried to reinstall it, but the other CCleaner icon is a yellow folder and double clicking on it ...it shows me 14 other icons instead of letting me reinstall it...


(2) I believe I had posted in the past a msg and can't recall if I included this problem, so I tried "search" to find my posted messages and typed my name...but no results.


Thanks for any help. :) Adela

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