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GUI problem while using the scroll bar


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When the file list is filled after a scan and I scroll through the list using the scroll bar (by clicking the arrows or the page up/down area), one or both of the following happens:

1. extra horizontal lines are drawn across the text on each line (the extra lines look like the ones separating the rows of text)

2. no horizontal lines are drawn between the rows of text.


When this problem appears, I can minimize the window and then restore it, and everything is drawn correctly.


If I scroll through the list using the keyboard, I don't see such problems.


Vertical lines seem to be drawn ok.


I'm using version 1.34.460.

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I'm using Windows XP with SP3. No skins or anything like that -- I'm using the app as provided in the download. I've downloaded the app more than once -- same problem occurs.


One other thing -- if I scroll by clicking + dragging the scroll bar itself, the lines are drawn correctly. The problem only occurs when clicking the up/down arrows and the page up/down areas of the scroll bar.

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