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CCleaner has a bug in its module making it wipe %systemroot%\Installer folder even if cleaning of it isn't selected.

Its PITA to get that folder deleted on Windows 7 x64 Pro, since every darn update for .net, vb, c++ etc. fails!

Can't even install Visual Studio after CCleaner did its crap.

Sorry if I sound a bit mad, but it is a shame that such a nice tool has such bug.


I wonder if no one else hasn't reported this yet...

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I have seen the %systemroot%\Installer folder emptied on a computer before and if it does get emptied you will run into many problems. This folder should not be cleaned. Unless you are 100% positive the software has been removed from your computer. I was not aware CCleaner cleaned this folder but if it does and removes software that is still installed you will run into problems.

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