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At the risk of being maligned for suggesting this (happened a short while back), you can simply prevent them from being created in the first place.


Open any Windows Explorer window (not Internet Explorer), and go to "Tools\Folder Options\View", and check the "Do not cache thumbnails" box.


Then do a straightforward windows search for thumbs.db, and delete them. That's it, and if you find your windows are opening too slowly, just uncheck the box again.


Preventing them from being created in the first place is probably more effective than scanning for, and deleting them. MHO of course.

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There's already a possibility to clean all the ""thumbs.db"" files in CCleaner v2.29. In CCleaner the user can specify a list of files which should be wiped as well. And that includes some systemfiles like ""thumbs.db"" as well. All it takes is a little extra effort.



The story below refers to the english language version of CCleaner (v2.29). (Change your language !!)


Click on "Options", "Settings", "Include". Here one can specify which files are to be cleaned. e.g. ""Thumbs.db"". Just follow the instructions and reply to every question/option which is being asked/displayed and then you'll see that when one orders CCleaner to start cleaning these specified files (like ""thiumbs.db") are cleaned as well.


Good luck !!!

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@ Nations144,


Oops, I made a mistakes in post #5 of this thread.


Just click on ""Options"" and then ""Include"". Forget the option ""Settings"".

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""Recurse subfolders"" means ""Include subfolders"". So, subfolders will be searched as well for that particualr file. i.e. the file called ""thumbs.db"".

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