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Suggest Selectable Application for Prefetch Option


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I've been reading the two threads on the new Prefetch Folder Option. Whichever side you agree most with a possible solution that would suit everyone is to give the extra ability much as in the Cookie clearing where you can keep certain cookies, you may be able to select those pf files that you want to always delete.

This way those who don't want any prefetch files deleted will be able will select this option of selectable deleting of prefetch files, and select none. Those who want all old prefetch files deleted select an option of all. So those who want all traces of dubious files on their system will be covered as well as those like Mastertech who doesn't want the prefetch files touched at all.

While from a technical point of view I support MasterTech I also understand those who may want all trace of these files pertaining to possible dubious applications.

I hope this suggestion is a fair compromise.


As to another site that talks of the Prefetch Topic.


?Ed Bott?s Windows Expertise"




The Fly.

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The ability for the user to select which *.pf files to remove is a very good suggestion!


I for one know that the prefetch folder does need cleaning for the fact it can end up with loads of Microsoft KB updates that're prefetched and serve no purpose once installed, the same goes for installations from a CD source.

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