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I've once again come to you guys for advice on IcedTech. Now here's my new question: How to I spread IcedTech? I don't think anyone reads it right now, and I have 0 readers on FeedBurner. Any suggestions how to spread IcedTech? I've also got a forum for it, of which I'm the only member. :lol:


IcedTech: http://www.icedtech.blogspot.com/


IcedTech Forum: http://s1.zetaboards.com/IcedTech/index/

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I do look at your site often and am pleased that you have finally included a tip on there, it is a simple tip to most of us guys, but a tip nevertheless, it certainly made a change from just seeing about the latest downloads, so maybe more tips is the answer Icedrake. Good luck.

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