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Missing folder list in save dialog box


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My SSD drive on my Dell died and I have a couple of files that I need to recover since my last backup. I had (fortunately) made a BART PE boot disk that allows me to boot up and access the NTFS partition with Recuva. There were no files but it did find the files I need with a deep scan. I was elated but when I tried to save them the output dialog window comes up with only 3 buttons (Make new folder, Save, Cancel) but where the list of folders is supposed to be there is nothing. The make new folder and save buttons do nothing. I'm assuming Recuva is relying on a Windows common dialog dll or something that is not part of the BART PE boot. I've spent all afternoon trying other file recovery programs and none can even come close to finding these files. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.



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This is exactly my problem as well, but this time with WinPE3. I assume it's using a specific .dll for it's dialog boxes - does anyone know which it migth be and can it be installed to WinPE to get this going?




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