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Jump Lists and Progress Bars


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I'd like to make two points about the recent implementation of Windows 7 Jump Lists and taskbar ProgressBar highlighting.


1. The Jump List Tasks should not contain an "Open CCleaner..." option. This function is already in the Jump List by defauly. It is the words "CCleaner" above the "Pin/Unpin this program to/from the taskbar" button and so just clutters up the Jump List. Other common tasks could be exposed e.g. "Analyze" or "Scan for registry issues". Alternatively, options to jump straight to the various tabs could be exposed e.g. "Registry" and "Tools". In all these "Tasks" the idea is to achieve something in one click which takes more than one normally.

2. The taskbar ProgressBar should turn yellow using the warning state for example when an operation pauses because a warning message is displayed e.g. when "You must close Firefox/Mozilla to allow the Internet Cache to be cleaned." is shown. Currently the ProgressBar just stops progressing and this is confusing because often progress can appear to stop when cleaning large files when actually everything is fine.



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I am agree with these improvements... but these aren't bugs but suggestions my friend...


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