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Seggestion - Defraggler Live CD


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I use defraggler for a long time, and i like it so much.

but i obsreved that it dowsn't defrag the system files, 'cause theyre in use, so it can't be modified.

so my suggestion is: Make a defraggler bootable cd. just like the GParted Live (but gparted os not a defragmentig tool).


so, if you could run Defraggler from a CD, you could defrag all the system files.

it will be very useful.


thank you

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interesting idea but very hard to achieve: one has to release a full live CD containing Windows...

this is kind of hackish, weight several hundreds of MB, is hardly maintainable and last but not least is certainly unallowed :rolleyes:


you can try to make it yourself, using for example BartPE



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Defraggler runs nicely under BartPE to include this on a live CD use a ISO editor and add your own software folder.

It should be noted defraggler is coded not to process pagefile.sys which seems rather odd since it's not locked in this environment.

You can however remove this restriction by locating the unicode string pagefile.sys inside the executable and patch it.


Richard S.

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