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fast, hell no. Avant Browser loads faster for me. and browsing it also faster(i have tested this at least 5 times).


stable, hell no. Most of the time when im browsing, Firefox crashes when i browse some website that has trouble loading.


secure, a little bit. the only thing secure about it is that it has no ActiveX support while Avant has the option to disable activex when im not using a ActiveX enabled website. when i am, just uncheck it and use ActiveX. very simple

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...I use to think maxthon was better than firefox (because it was better than the early releases of firefox) but now firefox is much better. Its fast, stable, and secure.





Secure?! :huh: I don't think so. Now there is more security flaws discovered in firefox than in IE! Personally I have nothing against any software but don't say secure if you first don't check Secunia for example (3 vulnerabilities not fixed in FF now).


I don't use FF cause installation of those extensions drives me crazy. Especially when it comes out that they're not compatible with FF although they should be :)


I use Opera - cause it's fast, stable and secure. But - who cares?! ;)

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