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Defraggler shuts down Vista


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Hi all.


Now I've only had this laptop a couple of weeks and it has Vista Home Premium installed. I'm using Defraggler 1.14.159 on both my machines because I don't like 1.15.163 as I've explained before.


Anyway this started last weekend I left it defragging and when I came back 20 minutes later it had shut down. I started it up again and checked the power options just incase it was set to shut down if not used, it wasn't. I started Defraggler again and left it running I came back 20 minutes later and it had shut down again. I started up and left it doing nothing and it was still showing the desktop 2 hours later.


Today I started Defraggler at 18:16:21 and left it running I checked after 20 minutes and it was still running. I checked after 45 minutes and it was still running. I came back just over an hour later and it had shut down again. Accounting to the log file then last action was 19:20:25 so it ran for just over an hour, log attached. I've had to WinZip the log file as its to big.


As anyone else had problems shutting down Vista? ;)




IE 7.0



Vista Home Premium SP2

IE 8.0

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