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Scan for non-deleted files ONLY?

John G.

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How about an option to scan ONLY for non-deleted files? It looks like checking that box under the Actions menu causes Recuva to search for the standard deleted ones AND for non-deleted ones. It seems that the intent of that option is for situations where a partition or drive has become corrupted and people want to try to recover whatever files they can from the drive. In that case, people probably really only want the files that were NOT marked as deleted.


It just seems that, for trying to recover files from damaged or reformatted disks, it would be great to be able to have it look ONLY for non-deleted files that were on the disk -- and ignore any of the deleted ones.


Just a thought. Thanks!


- John...

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Sorry I never followed up on this. It actually looks like this option does what I wanted now. Originally, I was under the impression that checking the box to search for non-deleted files meant to look for them IN ADDITION TO the deleted ones -- so that you'd get results that included all deleted and non-deleted files on the disk. I was looking for the option to be so that you would get ONLY the non-deleted files -- and none of the deleted ones. I now believe that IS what that option does now -- can someone confirm that?


So, if I don't check that box, I get just the deleted files -- and if I DO check that box, I get JUST the non-deleted ones -- correct?


If so, that is what I wanted. Thanks.


- John...

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Unfortunately not, you will still get the deleted files as well. The only thing I can suggest is that you run with this option, and when the file count is greater than (your estimate of) the number of non-deleted files cancel the scan. The files so far found will be displayed. You'll probably have to have a few goes to get the right list, but it is a fast scan.

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Ok -- no biggie, I guess. But, I'd throw it out there as a suggestion for a future option. I think it would be great as a listbox with these options:


- Scan for deleted files only.

- Scan for non-deleted files only.

- Scan for all files.


That sort of thing. Just to throw it out there. :)




- John...

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