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Problems with Avast 4.8.1368

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Updated to the newest verison of Avast! today before work. i get home and there's a crap load of virus alerts on my laptop. (WIN32:Delf-MZG trojan) Now i knew something had to be wrong because Ive never gotten a virus. so i went over to Avast forums and low and behold it wasnt just me. So just wanted to let you guy know not to update till its fixed. og\h and have fun loading the Avast forums there are so many people on there its really slow.


You know somethings up when Avast says Blackberry desktop software, Zune player etc are a trojan.




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Nothing is like making a comment too soon, and then immediately suffering foot in mouth syndrome! I just started Dial-a-fix and got this:



Definitely a recent definition update has done this because I performed a full system scan yesterday with nothing found.

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It isn't just Avast doing it as GData also has the issue via a VirusTotal scan. Via a Google search for "win32 delf-mzg trj" it gives a ton of hits.


It's the result of this Avast update dated Wednesday, December 2, 2009:



Nothing like a major FP sales pitch to have a horde of people switch AV's, but I'll wait for them to fix it.

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