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Wipe Free Space ERROR


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Hi ya'll. I'm having a problem with my current version (v2.26.1050) of CCleaner. Every time i use the "Wipe Free Space" option it never finishes but just hangs on %100 done n the program freezes up.


Any help would br great.


Hewlett Packard COMPAQ Presario V5305WM LapTop

Processor: x86 Family 15 Model 44 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD Mobile Sempron 1994 Mhz

Memory: 1536MB (1.5GB)

Windows XP Pro Media center Edition SP3

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How much free space do you have on the hard drive and how long do you leave CC running?


It's doing it with both my internal and external HDD. 60GB Drive with 27GB Free and a 120GB Drive with 30GB Free. The last time i tried the free wipe it ran for about 7 (untill i shut it down) hours after i noticed it was at 100%

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