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Windows Live (cache installers)


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I found this hidden folder "[COMMONFILES]\Windows Live\.cache" includes the temporary install Winwdos Live (WL).


Now I have only installed: Messenger and Photo Gallery, and the folder occupies 370 MB.


There are several folders, almost all contain an installer msi for the different programs and tools of WL. In addition there are two .tmp files I've tried to rename it to .exe and they are the WL offline installers (the last and previous that I used, this two .tmp occupies 270MB of 370MB.


I deleted the hidden folder and does not interfere with the proper fuciona of WL apps, I also uninstalled everything having to do with WL from Add and remove programs and there was no problem to uninstall.

EDIT: If I delete the last .tmp (the last modified timestamp) then I can't unistall WL Essencials. So the ideal is CLEAN al files and folders minus the "last" .tmp file.


There is another folder with some logs of previous installations of WL: [COMMONAPPDATA]Microsoft\WLSetup.

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