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I have installed skype in the sandbox to try the program and found 101 registry keys under the skype name, after I deleted the sandbox.

This program was never installed on this machine before. I thought that when I use the sandbox there should not be any sign of a program installed in the registry M I wrong?

OS : MS windows XP pro sp3 Processor : AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core 3800, 2009Mhz.
Mother board : Gygabyte M61 PM-S2 Ram : 3GB
Disk space : 649.05 GB Default browser: Firefox
Protection : Sandboxie, MBam free version

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Off hand Eli, I would say there shouldn't be any entries on your hard drive if you installed Skype "Sandboxed".


You would probably get more definitive input from the Sandboxie forum as they will probably have some previous experience of what you explain.


How did you actually go about doing the Sandboxed install of Skype?



EDIT: You can get a portable version of Skype:



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