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Good point I think for once someone actually means windows explorer.... anyway IE7Pro wasn't too bad, but not good enough to give up firefox :)

Ah yes, I think you're right ... I was following your lead with IESpell, lol (lame excuse ;)). Just carrying on off topic then, I actually went back to IE when 7 came out ... IE7Pro just made it better. Horses for courses as usual :)


I don't actually use any extensions for Windows Explorer ... think I might take a look at what's recommended here.

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This could make for a very interesting topic, its not something I've really looked into. QT Tabbar and Findexer look interesting, shall certainly be trying QT out (why have tabbed Windows never occurred to me before as an idea worth looking up :rolleyes: ).


Only things I have installed that would maybe be considered and explorer addon would be Eraser (5.7) which I use as a right click replacement for the standard delete, and Styler to pretty up the explorer toolbars. Tried Teracopy a while back but never found it particularly advantageous for my uses.

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Are these are both freeware? I'm always wary of software that says 'free download' (DMEXBar) ... and it's only when you've installed it you find it's a trial version :)


I'm always suspicious of "Free Download", but DMEXBar is actually free. Had a look at it out of curiosity under Returnil.


This could, as JD says, be an interesting thread.


EDIT: And TeraCopy is free for home users.

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So if we're including shell extensions ...


CMD Prompt Here (folders only)

Copy Path to Clipboard (most used context menu at home and at work ... can't live without it!)

Windows grep


SecureZIP (free version ... unfortunately no longer available)



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