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SA Jack

CCleaner's "Compact Database" or SpeedyFox

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I've been using CCleaner for years and SpeedyFox for a few months. I noticed that the new CCleaner now can compact databases within FireFox that will result in a faster load time, and a more efficient running of the browser.


Has the new CCleaner enhancement been compared against SpeedyFox? It would seem to provide a fair comparison, there would need to be a good gap between operations to allow the FireFox databases to really "need" optimization. I've not done that yet because of the newness of the CCleaner offering. I was wondering if during development and testing of this enhancement within CCleaner it was compared to SpeedyFox. If both were equal in terms of database optimization, I would choose CCleaner because it would be done automatically during scheduled scans, where I currently run peedyFox manually (about once weekly).


Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. -SA Jack

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