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mr don

Scanning for "lost" partitions

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Recuva works great! On drives & partitions it can detect.


One feature I would love to see is the ability to scan for a "lost" partition (Recuva cannot recover from drives it cannot see!).

It happens at times, that the NTFS or FAT32 MFT becomes corrupted, causing the drive to suddenly appear as "RAW" & blank!


This is very frustrating, because sometimes that represents hundreds of gigs of files! Can you add the ability to scan for "lost" partitions so the user can select a partition to recover, then start the recovery from that partition Recuva found? You can download a demo of Handy Recovery to see what I mean!


Sometimes that is the difference in being successful & having 0 files to recover at all!




P.S. I intend to check & see if Recuva can recover from password protected user accounts. I know Handy Recovery can, & it amazes me that in windows, a password protected account simply generates a "access denied" or some message like that when you left click the password protected user account, in addition to showing the properties as blank/0 mb when you right click that user & choose properties! However, when you enter the password & log-in, it seems fine & it has "all" the space back?


Running Handy Recovery makes it easy to recover from password protected accounts that either you don't have the password to, or their password protected account became corrupted so that it no longer "logs in" like it used to. I do hope Recuva has this feature, so I will check later on.



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