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anti-keylogger question


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hi guys i have a question about this keyloggers...never pay attention to this.

i downloaded and run AKLT.exe and when i type it shows in the window what i type

but got a green sign,bet i pass..the test..then i run all test an i passes .

run also KLDETECTOR...an passed nothing to report

are these 2 good test for keylogger detection?..

i run zemana on thir site..and after start ..i waited like 8 minutes and nothing displayed..


-also heard good reviews about keyscrambler...how good is it?

does it eat resources or is light?..does it show in processes?...


let me know please..and thanks in advance..





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No, I used Keyscrambler a long time ago



Its not something needed unless you are doing potentially serious/sensitive stuff online, then I would use it. Otherwise there really is no point.

By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.





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