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hi guys - first let me thank the developer for providing such a nifty cleanup tool - i particulary like the preview features that let me see exactly what CCleaner has found before deleting. one area i'm a bit puzzled about on my system (which i've had from new for a couple of months) is internet explorer


a windows search on temporary internet files yielded four folders....


c:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings - contains Content.IE5 folder


c:\Documents and Settings\Mike Renquist\Local Settings - displays text entries including cookies, favicons and temp internet files


c:\WINDOWS\Temp - contains Content.IE5 folder


c:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Local Settings - Content.IE5 folder


just how many temporary internet folders do i need?


also i'm on IE6 which came pre-installed - so why do the folders refer to IE5?


oh and also in the windows temp folder as well as the temp internet folder there is a cookies folder (IE5) and a History folder.


can anyone tell me why i have so much IE stuff scattered about and which ones it's safe to delete/ignore?



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