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PC MightyMax 2009

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Just following a extension on Microsoft and this popped up ----PC MightyMax 2009 ----- as a

regisrty cleaner

Anyone familiar with it? It has some pretty high claims


"Fix Windows Errors

Does your computer stop working and give you error messages? Is it not working like it used to?


PC MightyMax 2009 is a free download designed to fix common registry related errors with your computer (error messages, freezing, crashing, slowness).

Don't miss your chance to download the safest and most powerful registry cleaner available for Windows Vista and XP.

Download Size: 1.7 MB (Estimated Download Time: 2 Minutes). How To Uninstall"


Then it says WINNER OF 35 STAR AWARDS!!


What ? are Star Awards??? Didn't say where from or who


One other big annoyance, I would like to get my IE from quiting on me, it

just shuts down sometimes as I am in the middle of building a web page so I lose it all. I was told by MS

to weed out tools bars which I am trying to do, I have many disabled but it seems they are hidden pretty good

on my C:/drive because I only found one and it was Microsoft Light---


So goes the battle

Thanks guys & gals of course

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Here's a link if anyone is interested

[link removed by moderation]


It is free, but only on one computer

Edited by Andavari
Link removed by moderation since the program is considered a Rogue

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That's it. I'm gonna start a malware infested rogue called Rogue 2011. That oughtta do it.

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