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Avast question/opinion!


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Is this exactly how you did it Corona?


Disable the WMI service.


Delete the c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository.


Restart the WMI service.


Wait a few minutes until the repository folder has rebuilt itself (If you reboot immediately then the procedure may fail).



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No problem Corona, glad it worked for you.



Store the instructions away somwhere for when someone else needs them :)



edit...just seen your edit, back to the drawing board I guess.

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See your pm's Corona.


If all else fails, and you are sure you are malware free, perhaps you could try uninstalling avast, rebooting twice (to remove drivers as rebooting once only disables drivers on security software) using the avast cleanup tool and reinstalling avast. Perhaps it may trigger the right response then as it seems like from what you say an avast update may have 'upset'' things a bit.

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Assuming you are malware free, and the Avast services are actually running, the next step would be a full re-install from scratch.


Download the full Avast setup file (Direct download from Avast, 36.99Mb).

Download the Avast uninstall utility.

Disconnect from the internet.

Right click the Avast tray icon, select "Program settings>troubleshooting" and disable the self defence module.

Right click the tray icon and select "Stop on access protection".

Go to control panel>add/remove programs" and uninstall Avast.Reboot.


(You will loose any custom program settings you had, and anything that was in the quarantine will be deleted.)

Run the Avast uninstall utility. If there were any problems with the uninstall before (and you would know) you'll have to run it in safe mode. Reboot.

Install Avast from the setup file. Go through the setup prompts - if you are sure you are malware-free, you might prefer to skip the Boot scan, it can take a while.

Reconnect to the net, get updates.

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Okay, that's a little different than how I was told earlier. I'll give your instructions a try.
I don't see how that is different to what I'd posted, except possibly for syntax. If something was unclear, please tell me, so I can change it next time.
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You know what? I got rid of K-lite Codec pack, uninstalled Avast, rebooted, installed Avast, rebooted with boot scan, and now it's okay. I remember reading a post somewhere (probably here) about codec packs causing problems. Nowadays I don't even think I need it anymore. I used to for the past few years, just in order to hear different online stations. But they all work now without K-Lite so, heh, bye K-Lite.

And Tarq, no problem, I probably did something out of order. I do that sometimes.


Tarq & Hazelnut, thanks for your help. cheer.gif

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