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Hi guys :P, its just a suggestion, but can you make CCleaner clean the unused windows installer files. In my pc, they had an amount of more than 2GB, and most of then were not used anymore, its just a tip, if it don't work or it couldn't be possible, no problem. Can you check it out for me? Thanks! :lol:

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In my pc, they had an amount of more than 2GB, and most of then were not used anymore


How many GB are still in use ?

Do you think that there is no further use for an installer when the application has been installed.


On my machine I only have 81 items totalling 99.7 MB within C:\WINDOWS\Installer


I seem to have INSTALLED only 5% of the number of applications of your defective UN-INSTALLATIONS.


I rate as defective any installation package that fails to remove itself when it is told to remove the application.


NB When an installer has installed an application it is not normally used on a daily basis,

but it MAY be needed for reconfiguring some features of the application,

and it almost certainly will be needed for un-installing the application.


If you remove the installer you probably lose the official cleanup capability that knows where the application has buried bits of data in obscure locations in files and registry keys, and if you later remove the application you will have an awful lot more debris cluttering your system.


If you update an application, the new installer may fail if it cannot run the old installer to cleanse the traces of the old, and yet to retain any licence / registration information.


I archived the installer of PerfectDisk to a non-system drive, and then deleted the installer.

When PerfectDisk was enhanced I downloaded the new installer,

and totally failed to achieve an update until I restored the old installer to its intended location.



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