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wiping free space with erasers


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Does ccleaner make your files unrecoverable when deleting files or recycle bins with ccleaner or do you need to wipe free space to make files unrecoverable

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Options/Settings/Secure Deletion/Secure File deletion/Simple Overwrite will tell CC to overwrite (almost) all files on deletion, making them unrecoverable. To overwrite files previously (unsecurely) deleted you will need to run Wipe Free Space.

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I running scan and Advanced/Wipe Free Space is finish but WFS is still running for 20 minutes. :unsure: How long is WFS finish scan? I heard friends say 5 minutes or less is fast :lol:


Current version: 2.25.1025


your friend is pretty much chatting *****


i ran wipe space for 2 days

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