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Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Uninstallers

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As hazel says, we already have a pinned thread on this subject, and to suggest that you don't find it exhaustive enough means you must have taken the trouble to read it.


That being so, you may have spotted this section:


If any member has worthwhile links to add then please pm me, and if I include them, I will of course give credit to that member.


But please check out the links above so as not to offer duplicates.


If you find any of the links dead or out of date, then again, please let me know via pm.


I would be more than happy to add any of the links on that site to the ones we already have, which would benefit members and users of this forum alike, and I would also of course, as I've done with other members, credit you with providing them.


I've removed the link from that thread as we don't need two similar threads running together, especially as the "always on display" pinned one has provision to add extra links, and also because the site you link to appears to contain other links to commercial software.


For the same reason I've also removed the link in your signature.

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