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Silent add-on for Firefox


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Thank you Hazel, I appreciate you making me and other Firefox users aware of this. I just posted on the Wilders Security Forum asking if anyone knows what Microsoft figures that the two "DRM" plugins are needed for. I figure I'll disable these two plugins as well.


Thanks again :)

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I noticed the 2 DRM plugins and Windows Presentation Foundation plugin for quite some time now. I disabled them a long time ago.


WPF should be caught by FF any way.

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I disabled them a long time ago.

The same here! I just had the feeling sometime ago they could and possibly would be exploited which is why I disabled them on my system.


Companies automatically adding add-ons into Firefox without user consent should re-think their strategy! Or Mozilla could fix it permanently by having Firefox refuse those types of add-on installs, and not allow any settings from unapproved add-ons to be written to the Firefox user profile!

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