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Problems with Computer Programs


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Hi, I'm new here so i don't know if this is the right place to put it


Anyways, I'm having some problems opening programs on my computer. For example, when I click on the desktop icons for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and AOL, nothing happens. They don't open at all.


When I open my Windows Media Player, Music Match Jukebox or Adobe reader programs, they immediately freeze. Then I press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the task manager (which says the programs are not responding) and click on "end task". I can't use any of these programs.


I think these programs aren't working because of an issue with the registry and I want a second opinion. I installed and ran ccleaner 2.24 on my computer and I wanted an expert to read the log it and tell me what to delete or fix. I haven't done anything except run the program

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What operating system are you using? What versions of the affected programs? Did you have these problems before installing and running CCLeaner?


When you say you "ran ccleaner 2.24 on my computer and I wanted an expert to read the log it and tell me what to delete or fix", do you mean you just ran "Analyze" on the Cleaner tab and/or "Scan for Issues" on the Registry tab? ... or did you use "Run Cleaner" and/or "Fix Issues"? Did you change any settings in CCleaner?

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I Have a Dell Windows XP SP3 and yes I have had these problems before Installing ccleaner. I have Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Windows Media Player 11 Adobe Reader 6.0, Musicmatch 10, AOL 9.0


I clicked on "Scan For Issues" in the registry cleaner and whole bunch of stuff popped up. I did not mess with the settings and I did not click on "Fixed Issues" or anything else

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Personally, I wouldn't run CCleaner on a seriously damaged system.


If I had the problems you describe, I would back up my data to another drive and then try System Restore. If that failed, I would do a complete format C:\ and reinstall Windows and apps.


Others may have different suggestions.

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I'd suggest before doing a format follow these instructions to the letter to rule out malware damage.


Other than that what Glenn has outlined is probably the quickest way to getting your system back into a working order without the headache of trying to fix everything, which may actually not be possible.

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ghnstry you have this problem.

problems opening programs on my computer, immediately freeze when clicked.


I had exactly the same problem, and noting helped in normal way to solve, neither virus scan nor things like system restore to an earlier date.


It took me a while and going the hard way. First of all I deinstalled about 20 programmes one after another. I started with CoreFTP lite, deinstalled it and cleaned it well out. Then I restarted the computer and installed the new version

of that programme 2.1 built 1612. Restarted again and tried it. It worked then. Then I pressed another programme icon on the desktop and the other programme froze as well. So I handled it the same way like before.

You can imagine it took a long time. After about reaching no. 16. 17. Adobe / Acrobat 6 and PDF creator 0.9.8

I realized the the computer started normally. I cancelled a lot of programmes as told, TuneUp 2008 etc. etc.


Then the problem was solved, one or more programmes made the screen froze and sure you know it took ages

being able the restart the computer again, as the task manager did not work as well being frozen, too.


Some programmes maybe did not like the the Service Pack 3 and just bocked the system. Just a guess this is.

I hope this might help you.

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ghnstry it does not sound like a problem ccleaner can fix by running the registry cleaner. Your problems you say were there before you even used ccleaner.


I would follow the advice of Andavari and check for malware/virus etc by following this thread here




If nothing shows up then perhaps try running scannow (system file checker)




If no joy there either follow Glen's advice.


Support contact




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