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Is it possible to retrieve data on a disk that is not seen?

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I just got an Akai MPC 2000xl sampler with a zip drive and apparently you can load sounds onto a fresh zip disk on your PC then take the disk over to the MPC and work with the files, create and save a song, but once you've saved your work onto the zip in the MPC you can't then take that zip disk back to your pc zip drive and retrieve the files from it. I guess the MPC does something to the disk's file system that renders the disk unreadable outside the actual MPC.


I tried Recuva and it doesn't retrieve anything. My question is, because there is something on the disk, mostly wav files, in theory it should be possible to get that info off of there somehow yes/no? There's gotta be a way...


This may be a bad analogy, but if you were to put a Mac based installation cd in a PC, wouldn't you still be able to read and retrieve that data even if you can't use it?

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Afraid I must admit to having no idea about this other than the home site info page questions




and the forums



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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Yes, I'm aware of those sites and all searches lead to it not being possible.


I guess I'm asking for a "hacking type perspective". Regardless of the machine used if there's known data on a disk there's gotta be a way of breaking it out of there. Maybe Recuva doesn't do it, but might something else?


Actually I take that back that first sentence....I think I may have just found something to try that I missed the first time I searched over the first site.

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