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Proof you need a firewall!


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I was truely shocked by this. They infected it in 8 seconds and manged to completely crash the system in 20 minutes. I guess its a good thing that all new pcs ship with sp2 already on them. At least the firewall will be turned on for the first time its connected to the net so that you have time to get a better firewall and an AV.

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wow this is just incredible. this shows how much Windows XP sucks as an OS. hackers spend too much time writing evil software for it. infact they have been doing that for so many years and the thing is...people shouldnt use Windows anymore.


they should start using a Linux distrobution where they will get at least some security(since .exe files cannot be run automatically{you can run em through Wine but Wine must be launched manually}). a BSD distro is a fine idea as well.


btw:what i found nice is that the video used Process Explorer :D everyone get it



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I tried Linux a a while back and liked it but I could never get it to detect my modem. The explanation I was given (if I remember correctly) was that Winmodems were actually controlled by software that was proprietary to Microsoft and M$ was unwilling to share.


Has that been fixed?


What version fo Linux do you recommend? I was using Suse but it was taking me awhile to get the hang of it.

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i personally use Slax which is a LiveCD(meaning that i can boot into it with just a CD) because i dont have a harddrive that i can install Linux onto. just so you know, Slax is just a LiveCD port of Slackware. Slackware i recommend to users with a lot of Linux experiance.


but if you like user-friendly Linux distros, then Mandriva, Gentoo, Debian, Red Hat, or Ubuntu is the way to go.

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True, malware isn't as much of an issue on Linux computers, but it still is more secure than Windows when patched and hardened. However, a determined hacker could still get past that. Don't practice security by obscurity.

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