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AVG 9.0 out


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Thanks for the heads up, Hazel. AVG came out with an improved version of 8.5 just a few days ago. One of the elements was actually big news but AVG did absolutely nothing to advertice this. It's more or less a secret. Supported platforms for AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.5:




Source: http://free.avg.com/platforms

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Almost all software makers are getting their apps Win 7 ready. They have to really. I think the end of October date will mean many people, who can, will opt for a new computer for Xmas.


So if software manufacturers want their software on people's new win 7 computers, they have to be able to work on it.


Support contact




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Spot on, Hazel! :D And of cause they should have things ready for Windows 7.


I'm going to get a new PC with Windows 7 myself. I'll go for 64-bit, I think.


I can't believe that Flash isn't ready for any 64-bit system. At all! Who do they think they are? 64-bit has been around since 1960s...

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No, not yet it seems. I guess that they want to divide the run on their servers into smaller lumps. Paying costumers get the new version first. But the new free AVG link scanner is out, I read somewhere. However I can't find a confirmation of this on their homepage...

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