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IE favorite site icons disappear

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I'm doing a wipe-and-load, installing important security tools at the front end. Noticed that when I ran the CCleaner (always liked this tool, thanks!) that the little icons in the IE favorites are removed amd replaced with the generic little blue e with the page behind it. Ugly. Besides, those little unique icons make a site easier to find in a long favorites list.


What do I change in the options to quit losing those?

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Thanks Tarun, since I run CCleaner every time windows starts, does that mean I'll never see them? Can they be refreshed all at once? Is this an all or nothing feature of the cleaner (meaning can that little deletion be turned off?


Or is the only way to keep them to turn off the cleaner? (that would suck).



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Thanks for the help folks. Andavari's method from the other thread rridgely provided seems kind of high maintenance, but it does seem to work. Also tried AM Deadlink as gunner suggests, and it has a few things to like besides restoring the favicons (never heard that term before either).


Appreciate the help.

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