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I have an ongoing problem with downloading CCleaner portable, the download will stop at any given point, it may make it to 800K

or 80K, regardless it takes on average maybe 16 or more tries before I can complete a measly 1MB file. There is no error message,

it simply stops and Firefox's default download manager shows the download as finished.


I have tried every other build and none give me the same problem, the downloads finish (complete) without a hitch. I have tried

putting the "portable" link in a download manager but it won't "resume".


I am on dialup, I have no disconnect issues but thought maybe there is a time limit (the portable is about 4 minutes for me).


I am using Firefox 3.5.2, ZoneAlarm Pro v7 firewall, and no other security software.


Other than being slow my internet connection is pretty solid so I am at a loss - any advice would be appreciated.



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I have tried both IE6 and Firefox3 with the same results, here's what I mean -> ccerror - IE6 gets 142 KB and FF3 408 KB.


The strange part is both browsers had no problem getting the "Slim", "Standard", and "Portable U3" builds.


I like the idea of portable (standalone) apps and use them if I can - foobar, FileZilla, Proces Explorer, CCleaner etc. I wouldn't

mind using CCleaner Standard I just hope the install / upgrade / uninstall is simple without all the mess many programs create

with registry entries and stray files.


Thanks again for any feedback. :)



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Could another application be connecting to the internet in the background (e.g., automatic update for one of your programs, e-mail client send/receive, etc.) and competing for bandwidth?


This wouldn't explain why you could download the other versions, but it might just have been lucky/unlucky timing.

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My system runs pretty slim due to my internet connection and I don't allow anything to autoupdate, I know this may

seem hard to fathom for you folks on a highspeed connection. I visited my sister a while back and while using her

computer it must have thrown out maybe 10 or so "update successful" messages, anyway...


I did try about 5 more times to download CCleaner portable from here without luck so I looked at my saved apps folder

and noticed I left myself a note about using MajorGeeks for the portable version, it downloaded the first time without a

problem using Firefox, the other benefit (until they change it) is MajorGeeks offers a direct link if needed. I updated to the

latest version - yippee - and I'm a happy camper, though I don't camp. :wacko:


Again, thanks for the feedback and software.


Mike :)

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