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Firefox 3.7a1pre (aka Minefield)


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Using the latest version of CC. The following FF files are not being processed in Minefield which is my default browser at the moment.



Internet History


The rest are OK. This always seems to happen with a new version/build of FF. You process the other three files why not these two? Both of these files are the same format as the current version 3.5. If it's a version check can this be disabled?




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Found the version check CC is using. It's in compatibility.ini in the default FF profile.





LastPlatformDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

LastAppDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


CC checks the LastVersion. Evidently anything above 3.5.x causes CC not to process cookies. Changing it to 3.5 fixes the problem, but FF always recreates this file using whatever version of FF used this profile which in my case is always 3.7.


So I got a workaround for now, making LastVersion 3.5 then running CC. This must be done every time I want to clean up my cookies.


**** found a better way. I created a file called compatibiliti.ini (notice "i" not "y") and made LastVersion 3.5. I then changed the CC exe to go to my new file. Now I don't have to do anything more as FF leaves this new file alone.


btw... this doesn't get me access to Internet History. However I can always clear that in FF.

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