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Results of Analyze?

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I've had CCleaner v1.17.090 installed for quite a while, but only used it infrequently, so I've forgotten some basics! I've read the Beginner's Guide, but have a couple of queries please.


Am I right that, whether you use Analyze under the Applications or Windows tabs, the results are TOTAL and hence identical?


I'm initially nervous about letting it go ahead and delete all its findings. Can I get some reassurance about its reliability from other more experienced users please?





Terry, West Sussex, UK

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Yes, the stuff under both the "Applications" and "Windows" tabs is all run when you click "Run Cleaner".


CCleaner is a very safe program. With the default settings, I wouldn't worry about it deleting anything important. It is important to understand that any "Custom Folders" you select for cleaning will be completely emptied, I know that at least one user lost a lot of data because of not understanding that.


Don't run CCleaner with Firefox open, though, this can result in corrupted cache entries. You'll see web pages without formatting if this happens. You have to clear the cache to fix it.

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