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CCleaner Registry Cleaning Bug


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I had found a serious problem on CCleaner registry cleaning tool. The problem I am experiencing is that whenever I search for trash registries by using CCleaner, the computer just freezes when it comes to 88% every time and the computer never recovers by itself. Based on my research of the questions on this forum, I guess it is only me who are experiencing this kind of problem. Could it be my O/S(Windows XP Professional SP2) or my computer hardware problem? I'll be looking forward to hear your answers. Thank you.

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Hi again

I had checked the thread you had linked above, but unfortunately it was not the same problem with the problem I have right now. In my case, the computer completely stops, which means the hardware just stops running and the screen freezes except my mouse cursor when the registry searching progress goes at 88%. If it's possible I would like to know what the registry cleaning tool searches or acts when the progress reaches to 88%. Thank you.

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