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Cookies list in CCleaner.


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Hi Gariel, and welcome to Piriform.


The obvious is to make sure you have all the cookies boxes checked for any browsers listed in the Windows and Applications sections. Also any "Messaging" applications like Live Messenger.


The less obvious is to make sure Adobe Flash Player is checked, and Macromedia if it's listed.


If that doesn't do the trick, post back.

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Thanks for the answers


But what I would like to know is how to clean the cookie list inside the ccleaner(options>cookies).




umm that list should only show cookies you have on your pc,

If you 'cleared' the list the cookies would still be there.


So if you want to clear the list and the cookies, make sure you have none put in the cookies to keep column,

the run a clean on the cleaner section of the app, restart your pc and have another look at the list.


http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner <- A 'must read' if you want to understand the ccleaner settings better.

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