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Missing Entry Clear My Tracks By Process

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Inetcpl.cpl is the "Internet Options" applet that you get when you select "Internet Options" from the IE Tools menu. It's also available through Control Panel. ClearMyTracksByProcess is an entry point into that applet and is used to clear things like the IE browser history.


It sounds to me as though that applet has become corrupt; in other words that it may not be a ccleaner issue. I suspect if you went to this applet via your browser or via Control Panel you'd see the same problem if you tried to clear your tracks. Here's one article about repairing Inetcpl.cpl http://support.microsoft.com/kb/216583 (note that the symptoms described are different to yours; but the Methods to do a repair would be the same ... [though Method 2 wouldn't seem to apply to your scenario]).


Note I'm not a regular around here and these are just my views on your problem. There's a very old post by Andavari here http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=7768 ... I'm sure he can tell you if that tool is still an appropriate way of repairing that applet. Alternatively, someone here may have seen this before and can suggest another solution.

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