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hi,as it says in the title i'm having a problem .every time i turn on the computer it comes up saying "firewall is not turned on my computer might be at risk "i have had a few probs lately (see recent posts) but this is a new one.

i know my firewall is on because when it happened i checked it ,this message comes up in taskbar periodically when using computer what is causing this does anybody know?

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go to control panel and double click Windows Firewall. make sure that it is turned on. if it says you cant turn it on, then get a free firewall

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I have had this problem as well even when I knew the firewall was turned on....(I would check to make sure by double clicking on the shield in the taskbar and I would see that it was on)


Im not sure what is causing this problem but like Mangix said check to see if its on or not(you can also check by double clicking on the red shield in the taskbar)



:D Jobartley515


(also like Mangix said you can download a free firewall if you would like..."better to be safe than sorry i guess")

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the firewall that comes with Service Pack 2 can be easily disabled by malware





i know it's not got any malware in my system as i posted a hjt yesterday which came back clean.

not a real problem as such just curious as to why it happens although today it didn't do it !!

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