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A week ago I wrote: "I can't stop all the e-mail I receive from Piriform. I followed the unsubscribe information: uncheck the setting "Send me any updates sent by the board administrator" found in 'My Controls' under 'Email Settings'. This without result!


Kindly I received advise from one of you who wrote: You need to log in, go to -> My Controls -> Subscriptions (in the left column) -> View Topics and set it to Unsubscribe. Same with View Forums.


I did this all but again I receive all these Piriform e-mails.


I want to unsubscribe... but I can not.

Kindly I want to ask the administrator to help me and kindly I ask to be completely unsubscribed.


Thank you!

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My Controls -> Options -> Email Settings


Clear the boxes for the following if checked:


1) Send me any updates sent by the board administrator.

2) Send a notification email when I receive a new private message.

3) Enable 'Email Notification' by default?


Click on Amend my Email Settings.

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