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Using ccleaner was not such a good idea


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Hello all,


I used ccleaner since it would help me to get rid of some problem and probably more that I were not aware of. At least, that was what I thought. So I made a system restore point (Vista) and runned ccleaner. But, things did not work as expected any more after that. So I started system restore to go back to my restore point. Unfortunately, system restore did not work any more either!

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Hi brac37, and welcome to the forum.


It sounds like you were having problems before you ran CCleaner.

So, to say that CCleaner is the source of your problems may be a bit hasty.

Could you go into more detail regarding the problems you were having before and after you ran CCleaner.

Then please explain what you used in CCleaner, and with what settings.

If you used the Registry section, did you make a backup?

What version of CCleaner are you using?

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Hello Jamin4u,


I am using CCleaner since a long time now and always satisfied.

Recently I have updated my Vista Enterprise to Service Pack 1. I then downloaded the last version of CCleaner v2.23.999 and run it out of the box like I usually do.

I unfortunately got the same problem as brac37. My system is now corrupted and the last known successfull boot doesn't work anymore.

I am getting a cyclic BSD followed by a reboot. Only the safe mode works.

It looks like the registry has been corrupted, maybe wipedout.


Is it a bug of this version of CCleaner or is it something releated to Vista SP1?


I am using also Deffragler since a long time but I am afraid to get the same issue again...


Do you have clues ?

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I'm not a Vista user, but there are/were an awful lot of problems stemming from updating to Vista SP1.


Maybe some of the info from these links may be helpful. The first one has a section referring to "The Endless Reboot Issue", and there are a lot of links embedded in the body of the text:







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Hello Dennis,


I went though the links. I didn't found specifs for CCleaner and logged a problem to Microsoft.

As I can see there is a lot of issues with Vista SP1 so I am not surprised of the problem I got.


I will just stop to use the application and afraid to use Deffraggler which is an other tool that does a good defragmentation of the disk.

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