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Where's VERBOSE Logging?

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It's hard to believe nobody mentions this, it's like "not seeing the elephant in the room"...


If you look at:



All the information that CCleaner used to provide is now GONE!...

What's been supposed to be "the log" of cleaning actions is now "a summary"...

Then why do CCleaner "still" uses the 'big fat logging area' which it doesn't need anymore?

Why don't redesign the interface so that the space will be used wisely and optimum?


In short if CCleaner is to follow this new path of logging then it really should consider slimming the unnecessary spaces and elements (shown in question marks). But in reality (believing not to be alone) I really miss "verbose logging" and believe it should still be an option of settings page instead of obligatorily forcing user to choose between new "summary" versions and old "verbose" versions...


Since I comment on both sides, it would be swell to learn the POV of creators about the subject. Don't you think?...

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The new logging display has been mentioned many times in the last few months. The info hasn't gone, just right click and select full display, which can then be sorted on name or size etc, a feature many have asked for previously.


I'm not sure why you are so excited about showing some white space (which the full list takes up). I can't get too bothered about this, it's just a display panel.


Personally I much prefer the new display, far neater, flexible and manageable than the old everything piled in together list.

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I agree with cr1t1c (sorry if I mis-spelled your name) about All the information that CCleaner used to provide is now GONE!...


Rather than more automated, ccleaner has added another step which requires users to right click on the main display window to see the details of what is being deleted. Why not offer an option to have the program display the new information or the old detailed.


And because the program is less automated and now requires me to right click to see the details of what is being removed from my system, I am stuck on on CCleaner v2.21.940.


Thanks but if it ain't informative, I don't need it.

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