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HT Fireman burner

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Guest Mangix

looks nice


however i will always be loyal to Ahead Nero ;)

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Just tried it within the last hour, here's what I discovered.


Complete Utter Failure:

- Doesn't detect the proper time for tracks to add to an audio CD (.wav).

- I wrote five tracks to an audio CD from .wav files that totaled 22 minutes 22 seconds (22:22), the resulting disc had only one track at 54 seconds in length.


This alone made me not fully trust the program. I can't understand why they couldn't have found this before publically releasing it.



- Doesn't automatically verify a data disc after burning. Therefore if there's any errors on the disc you won't know about it.

- Want's to check for an update everytime the application is loaded and/or phone home, and will state there's an update available. I suppose they want you to buy the commercial version "if there is one," I have no ideal because the page they try to load in the web browser is a dead link.

- No write speed selection. In some instances this can be an important feature, that's unfortunately missing.

- The animated fireman putting out burning disc's get's annoying, and there's no way to make it a static image.

- Doesn't support Windows 98.



+ Supports Windows 98 SE and above.

+ Small download size. Isn't bloated. Loads fast.

+ Freeware.

+ Doesn't contain any malware, e.g.; no adware, spyware, trojans, viruses, etc.

+ Can Quick Erase and Full Erase re-writable CD media.

+ Has and automatically enables buffer underrun protection ("BurnProof") if your CD writer or DVD writer has that feature built into it.

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