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how can i access recovered files

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i just installed recuva and so far i love it. i just recovered 2k songs out of 4000. one problem however; after the scan it gives me a list of files that can be recovered. it only lists 188 files though. how ca i tell it to recover the other 2200 or so? problem a dumb question ,with the answer staring me right in the face,but gimme a break...im old. thank you.

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Do you mean that:


1) The list of files shown in Recuva has only 188 entries (very unlikely) and you know that 4000 have been deleted?

2) The list of files shown in Recuva has 4000 entries but only 188 say recoverable?

3) Something else?


If 1 then try running a deep scan. This will take longer but produce everything that's on the drive.

If 2 then ignore the file status and try to recover what you want. Some will be good, some fail.

If 3 then perhaps you have been using your drive extensively and the lost files have been overwritten.


(If you were really old then you'd use capital letters at the start of a sentence and know that whatever it is that you're taking 188 from isn't 2200.)

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