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what ram card should i get?


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My comp has been slow for along time now and i'm needing it to go faster, i have about 50GB of free disk space left of memory...


a friend told me to go to wal-mart and get a ram stick (like $30) but a guy at wal-mart said that one dont work with HP's...


I have an HP pavilion a335w


heres a web site tells all about it




i have run alot fo virus scans and stuff but comp is sloooooooowww.


thansk for any advise :)

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Have a read of this thread




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If you've been running Windows XP on that, you should see a good improvement upping to 1Gb (pitty you cant get it up to 2Gb)



Disk space, is used in terms of hard drive space IE where you keep your documents and programs and Windows installed.

Memory is the ram (the 256mb you are upgrading to 1GB) this helps when running programs and opening files.


If you also need hard disk space you may want to look into getting another hard drive (or external hard drive).


Need anymore help feel free to post :) Happy hunting Chewie


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