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HDD still 44% fragmented after using defraggler

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Hi guys.


Was hoping somebody could help. Even after using defraggler my HD is still 44% fragmented. There are over 9 files which vary between 1 gb 8gb which make up over 30 gb of HD space. These are all titled system volume information. I understand these are system restore files, but can they not be defragged and also is it neccessary for system restore to keep such a large amount of HD space or can I reduce this somehow.


PS I am using Vista 32 bit


Any help would be appreciated.




PS a screen shot is atatched



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Hi Shaf0187, and welcome to Piriform.


There are things you can do to limit the size of System Restore.


You can decide on the amount of space allocated for it, as explained here:




And if it's already out of hand, you can use "Disk Cleanup" to delete all but the most recent restore points, as explained here:




Also read the information re Vista and defragging. Point number 2 here:




And more details here:




Hope that helps.

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... and as for kaspersky, you'll need to turn off self protection in the settings, then pause kaspersky, run the defrag, then turn self protection back on and then resume kaspersky.


on the system volume information...

if your computer was running fine today, yesterday, & the day before- go to control panel, system, system protection & temporarily turn off system restore & then turn it right back on. This will simply wipe out your restore points. I know removing your last restore points is not the ideal answer but prior to XP system restore didn't even exist. If you are ok with taking a few windows updates-worth of restore history away you'll be fine and everything will be contiguous.


Personally, these defragging programs are overkill if you have the ocd enough to watch them.... like I do

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I managed to sort it thanks, used the disk cleanup instructions, which deleted all but the last restore points, which is fine for me!


Thanks to you both for your advice!

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