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Best Way to Detect and Know Spyware


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I have been reading Spyware posts on many a blog sites. I Have been using Kaspersky antivirus and its quite fine. bot whenever I choose strict setting when an surfing it blocks even some genuine sites that I know of. I understand some sites are a clone out there and may be used to get your details if you don't take care. How can I differentiate a genuine site from a clone and they all look the same and connect securely?? :blink:


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Use something like OpenDNS it's free, and do make sure you're using a modern browser with phishing protection enabled at all times.

That's good! My anti virus Kaspersky for Windows Workstation has anti-phishing enabled and am using Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2. Is this fine ? am in the process of applying openDNS. Thanks Moderator

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Also tools like SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard will add another layer of protection.

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