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Luna Element 4


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Wahey, it works! Shame I can't find the background that was in the example, or was it not included? Also, I must say I prefer LE4 to LE4A, and how come the way the time is presented in the example is different to the actual thing?




Glad you got it working, I know how frustrated I was getting with it, I was determined to make it work somehow.

Had trouble getting it to work on my son's laptop last night, but then realised it was because I had uninstalled SP2, reinstalled SP2 and it still would not work, then realised I had to change the UxTheme.dll again because SP2 had reverted it back to the normal one.

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I tell you one thing I like about this theme maker. He actually continues to work on his themes.


So many themes I have seen that look really cool but need a few tweaks to make them a proper masterpiece, but the creators leave them and move onto a new one, where the same thing happens.


This theme is not the case. Even at this moment, the creator is planning for some more updates for this theme.

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