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Some member posting info.


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Some useless info:


Despite the fact that this forum has 2219 members, 839 members have not made a single post.


570 have only ever posted once.


There is still 2061 newbies, (less than 10 posts).


Only 43 users so far have broke the 50 post mark.


Makes me wonder why so many join, never to be seen again, and some must join just to sort out a particular problem, never to be seen again.

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Guest pedro319

Hi everyone


I may not post a lot cause as far as computers i suffer from being brain dead.

I do visit the forums almast daily and have learnt heaps from reading posts and trying out some of them.

I love using CCleaner as i have found it very easy to use and have yet to have any problems.


Cheers B)

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Hi not much to say except CCleaner works well does everything you want from it and works well with everything else i use. :D



Signature made with paintnet



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